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Assalammualaikum and hello!

First of all, I’m gonna try to make ‘About Me’ as simple and details as I can so you would not getting bored. :P


Generally my name is Nur Azila and you can call me Zila if you meet me anywhere. While on social media I love to use @nrzilaah as my nickname. :D


I like to do new, exciting and unpredicted things such as unplanned escape, travel and adventure activities. But most of the time I like to fall into book that can makes me fantasying without limits. I have a dream and it’s about me picturing my journeys by words and photos. To put it simple you can defined me as half-introvert and half-extrovert person. Oh yeah!


Here some random details about me B)


Name: Nur Azila


Nickname: Zila

Birthday: 16th November

Nationality: Malaysian

Born at: Kuala Lumpur

Stayed in: Gombak, Selangor


Education Institutions: SK Seri Nilam, Kuala Lumpur. SMK Seri Gombak and SMK Gombak Setia, Selangor. Universiti Malaysia Kelantan (UMK), Pengkalan Chepa, Kelantan


Favourite Places: Café, Library, Room and Rooftop

Favourite Subjects: Art, Mathematics, Sastera and General Knowledge

Favourite Book: Women in The Dunes by Kobo Abe

Favourite Song: Sit Still Look Pretty by Daya and Youth by Troye Sivan. (Actually I have a long list for my favourite songs but I love both this song most of the time)

Favourite Band: SPYAIR

Favourite Singers: Faizal Tahir and Aizat <3

Favourite Movies: Titanic, Harry Potter, Colonnia, Theory of Everything (… long list!!!)

Favourite Items of Clothing: Sweater, Sneaker and Backpack

5 Things must have: Notebook, Walkman, Camera, Glasses and Mineral Water

Favourite Food: Simple food but tasty and YUMMY!!! And with a cup of coffee?


Type of person that I into and not into: YES to rational person and NO to judgmental person

My wishy wishes: Travels, home gathering and a vacation with my pals!



Nota Kaki: I may not alike other people you had met and you might think I’m arrogant at beginning but believe me. Don’t just judge a book by its cover but also learn to read. ;D #goodvibe


That all randomly about me. I hope that you will fall in love with my writing. Thank you and keeps on reading! XOX 

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