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As much as I know, I became serious towards photographing starting I’m 18 yo but I just taking pictures randomly with smartphone then doing simple editing. At that time, I’m using Sony Xperia (I forgot the details) and I really love the quality of megapixel that Sony provided. But the sad story is my phone broke then I decided to buy Iphone 5. Not because of trend but I just want to know the quality camera from Iphone. It’s not bad but I prefer to love the system software from Iphone. It’s cool actually.


After that, while I’m 20 I bought DSLR because I wants to be professional in photographing. I chose Canon 700D. And it's awesome! Yeah I really into this camera. But it heavy compare to smartphone so I need to be patient and take a good care of it (because it quite expensive for me).


The person behind all of this is my sister. She said that I have a talent in photography but I need to do a lot practice. She well known about me that I like to take pictures of my family members without any specific reasons and I gonna saved those pictures as softcopy in my laptop. Every time both of us spend time together (especially in our room) we gonna laugh hard cuz of those memorable pictures since we young until now. We spots the different among us compare with who we’re now, our stupid facial reactions, events and a lot! It filled with memory.

And that motivated me to be professional in photography. I love the impacts from taking a simple single picture.


In my opinion, photographing is like drawing. Photography is one of art. I like drawing, sketching, and painting while I’m kid. The satisfaction after you done drawing is awesome. Cuz, you succeed made ur own masterpiece (LOL) and that makes me happy. The combination of pencil, colours and structures in drawing I can apply those principals in photography. And I don’t spot the different. Well I keep drawing and painting but not as much as before.

In photography, most of the time I took pictures of still subject and panorama. Recently, I’m try to challenge myself to take portrait and food pictures. In editing, I prefer to use Snapseed and VSCO because it simple but complete. It really suit with me and beginner in editing picture. Lastly, about those pictures that I took, officially I posted in Instagram under @nrzilaah.





That all for now. I’m welcoming comment, feedback and questions. TQ. XOX

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