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Penang Island

Updated: Feb 23, 2019

Penang Island or Malaysian called as Pulau Pinang is one of the best state in Malaysia to be visited. To make it more interesting. This is my first unplanned trip with small budget for 2 days and 1 night. First step to become a backpacker or a traveler I guest. Well this trip goes awesome.

I wanna escape. Just a short one and I want to go to a place I had never been before. The place that come to my mind a day before the escape is Penang. Oh yeayyyy.

Penang is awesome and interesting. Having touring is Penang is never will be end. There is so many places need to be seen and the food. Oh my God. I swear. They are so delicious. Penang gave me different vibes. Feels like in Kuala Lumpur but less than that. Maybe because the environment I assume. But I feels like I'm free for a second there.

I manage to make this place as one of my best destination ever. There will be an up side down while on the trip but believe me the memories will remains last in our mind. That what I learned from this trip.

I don't want to list what should we visit if we come to Penang. Just go anywhere because everywhere is so fun to be discovered. My trip for this time is just a short one. I don't get it enough! HAHA. Well you will never feels enough with good feeling. Trust me.

Well just make sure to play tourist around Penang Island. Takes a lot of pictures because it worth it. Eat the fooooooood. Because you never be enough with that even after you recite du'a. JK. Last but not least, event thought it will be hectic on that day. Never miss to go to Bukit Bendera. The view is so lovely. The environment is so greenery and the feeling is the best. Just go and have a walk at Bukit Bendera.

I thinks to have second Penang trip later. Maybe at that time it will be longer and more relax. Well i love to sink on travel vibe. Next time again.

Love, Zila

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